USB Voice Logger


The USB-based Voice Logger logs all the calls channeled through a trunk or its extension line, in addition to keeping track of the Caller ID, Called ID, call duration and other such details. The logger is capable of monitoring and recording tunk-side, extension-side or both sides voice. Being a passive logger, this does not make any quality degradation to the logged conversation or make changes to system signaling etc.,

The USB-based Voice Logger comes in 1/2/4/8/12/16 port DX and 2/4/8 port LX models. For higher line densities the DX model is cascadable upto 128 ports. If a user requires a 20-port Voice Logger then he can use a 16-port DX and a 4-port DX Voice Logger to realize a 20-port logger.

Sailent Features
  • Stackable hardware
  • Live call Snoop
  • Powered Off USB Port
  • USB2.0 Compatible
  • Archiving Capability to CD/DVD
  • Audio logs of all calls
  • Browser-based user interface
  • Multi-user login facility
  • Logs complete call details like Caller ID, Called ID, date, time, duration of call, etc.,
  • Audio Compression Capability
  • Export of audio files to MP3/PCM/GSM
  • Powerful search capability
  • HTML Reports
  • Ability to tag and comment logs
  • Built-in report mailing capability
  • Supports DTMF and FSK Caller-IDs
  • Backed by exceptional service and technical support

The USB-based Voice Logger is differentiated into the LX and the DX models. DX models are feature rich, have better voice quality, live monitoring features and come with a 15-month warranty. LX models have basic voice logging capabilities and are well suited for budget installations